Thursday, 25 August 2011

Baby Shower Gifts

Minky blanket and shoes

My niece is expecting her first baby in November (I'll be a great Aunt!) and the shower is this weekend. They have chosen not to find out if it's a girl or a boy, so all gifts had to be gender neutral. I decided the baby needed a little knitting and a little sewing to go with the other gifts I picked up. I hope to make him or her a quilt once I know if it's a him or a her.

For the knitting I made Sunnyside by Tanis LavaleƩ (available on Ravelry or on her website). I opted to do the cable option without the picot edge to keep things gender neutral. Many people on ravelry have chosen to continue the cables down the side and I love the look, but it was already coming out very small so I didn't want to risk pulling it in anymore. I did do EZ faux seams down the sides. Otherwise I actually followed the pattern (very rare for me).

No matter how much editing I did I could not get an accurate photo of this yarn. It's Sundara sock in sour apple and it has a brighter, more yellow tinge to it than my camera can capture. It's really much prettier in real life.

Minky blanket and shoes
Minky blanket and shoes
baby shoes
crib shoes
I also made a minky blanket and shoes set. The fabric is Michael Miller's Giraffe Garden in citron (from Tonic Living - they're one of the best for modern fabrics here in Canada). The shoes have minky insoles, flannel for the remainder of the inside and organic jersey bottoms. They are reversible, although in this case I don't think you'd bother. But it does mean there are no exposed seams to rub on little baby feet. Pure luxury and stinking cute. I made them in a 3 month size so I didn't bother to put gripper soles on them.

Baby shoes reversed

minky insoles
Minky insoles
It's only Thursday and I am actually ready for the shower. Well, almost. I haven't wrapped a thing!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Business Cards from MOO

I was positively giddy today because my business cards and stickers arrived from MOO. So often you order something online and when it arrives it just doesn't live up to your expectations. This was definitely not one of those times.

The quality of these cards is outstanding. The trike photo is crisp and bright (unlike my crappy pictures) and they look so professional yet modern. I opted to put my trike photo on the front with simple contact information on the back. I also ordered some stickers (they are in the bottom right corner of the top photo) in four different designs. 

If you've thought of using MOO and weren't sure - I highly recommend them. The price was reasonable, they arrived faster than promised, and they are very high quality. The packaging is fun too.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sinking thread ends

The awesomeness that is the Internet never ceases to amaze me. For example, today I'm quilting a baby quilt that's a modified log cabin pattern. I decided I wanted to outline each square, but knew that turning the corners might be problematic as the back is solid so any wonkiness would stand out. So I decided to machine sew the lines but then hand sew each corner. Although time cosuming, I actually enjoy the hand sewing and the control it gives me. What I don't like is the constant threading of the needle. I just started and already I was feeling a little cross eyed.

corner ready to be "fixed"
A corner ready to be finished

A quick google search and voila - a way to sink threads without constant needle threading.

ends tied ready to be sunk into quilt
One side tied - ready to sink the ends

This method is brilliant. Essentially, you double thread a needle with a bright coloured thread (okay, it doesn't have to be bright, but it does make it more fun) but don't pull it all the way through, leaving a loop.

ends placed through loop
Thread ends placed inside the loop

Push the needle through the quilt as if you were burying your ends but before you pull the thread through you place your ends through the loop and then draw them through together.

ends pulled through
Loop pulling the ends out

It's all explained very nicely here by Art with a Needle - scroll down to Robbi's method.

One corner down, many more to go.

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